Born and raised in the Bay Area, I had the opportunity to see how technology augmented the world around me. And being raised by an engineer and entrepreneur, forwarding and widenening the technology landscape seemed like a daily conversation in the household. But my love for building software never quite came into it's own until the introduction of the iPhone in 2007. Apple's groundbreaking mobile device not only introduced an unparalleled form of mobile computing, but would also empower creators to build at scale. Seeing Electronic Arts introduce immersive racing games that leveraged the in-built gyroscope for steering and multi-touch for game immersion pushed me to dream about apps I had wanted to see in the world. With an international audience, independent developers could now produce applications that would go on to serve millions of iOS customers. Since publishing my first iOS app in 2008, my desire to identify problems and address them through the development of consumer technology has been steadfast.


Technical Investments Intern, 8vc

Engineering due diligence for early stage ventures.

Software Engineering Intern, Google

Data infrastructure for Google Home & Nest hardware.

Software Engineering Intern, Yelp

Designed and developed review search.

Software Engineering Intern, Mailchimp

Worked on Mailchimp's in house deployment platform.

Software Engineering Intern, Bitglass

Worked on services for Salesforce data encryption.

Product Engineering Intern, cK-12

Content validation, developed content tagging system, designed interactive edu tools.



Crowdsource student transcript data to enable personalized academic planning.


Search engine for play by play footage from the NBA.

Generate new lyrics for an artist.


Solve any math problem via SMS.


Instrumentals search engine.


Location based underground social network.


Shape detection for touchpads.




"updated 11.11.18"

"virgil abloh inspired"

"in loving memory of Murugan Palaniappan"